Tips to take your business online during the covid-19 pandemic

“The covid-19 pandemic may force the world to a standstill, but definitely not your business“ Transitioning your business online during the covid-19 pandemic. What do you need to know? Although Technology has provided all that businesses need to keep running regardless of emergencies, the very few internet service companies and online retail stores available as …

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Blockchain Explained

Blockchain technology. You’ve heard about it. You probably know it’s used for cryptocurrencies. But few people actually understand how it works, and how to use it. So, I figured I’d outline what Blockchain is, and how it compares to traditional, centralized databases. What Is BlockChain? A Short Summary Wikipedia maintains an excellent entry on blockchain, …

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Best Domain Name

19 tips how to choose the best domain name for a website Before your WordPress website becomes officially available on the Internet, you need to choose the appropriate domain name. The domain name is actually your company name, so you need to think carefully about it before deciding. 1. Remember-able domain name. 2. It doesn’t …

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