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6 steps to run Twitter Ads

For brand promotions on Twitter, you can consider many strategies. We already talked about Instagram and Facebook advertising in our previous post. Twitter ads are used to advertise on people’s timeline who have similar interest with your audience.

If you are looking to get website conversions or generate leads for your business, Twitter promotions are good.


• Eye catching: They appear on timelines and don’t seem annoying, with the ability to attract your audience.

• Not expensive: No fixed amount, choose any amount you want to budget on your ads.

• Quite flexible: They come in different categories which are easy to implement.

As a marketer, you can decide to use any strategy that works for you. Promoted accounts works for brands who want to increase their followers. Promoted trends involves using branded hashtags which increases clicks and followers. Promoted tweets are very efficient for lead generation.


It is important to understand certain things before you can set up an ad campaign on Twitter.
Find a voice for your brand, this is where good copywriting skills come in handy. Twitter ads contains text which are concise and still able to generate high click through rate (CTR). When you create true content, people see your brand as authentic.

1. Campaign Details

– Go to to sign up or login to your Twitter account.

– Click ‘create new campaign’.

2. Objectives  

– Select an objective for your campaign. Objectives available include: followers, website clicks, tweet engagements, app installs/re-arrangements, video views, lead generation, website conversion. You need to choose one, this enables Twitter understand the essence of your campaign.

– Fill in the name of your campaign.

– Set up your budget.

– Select if you want the ad to start immediately or pick a specific date.

3. Creative

– Choose the tweet you want to promote. It can be an existing tweet or you can create a new one.

– Select ‘ad placement’. This shows where your promoted tweets will appear. The more places you select for your tweets to appear, the more the cost of your campaign.

4. Targeting

Here you are able to find the right audience for your campaign.

– Demographics helps you target users by gender, age, device, location etc.

– Audience features targets users by interests, keywords, similar followers etc.

5. Bidding

Twitter makes use of a bidding system to run ads, you need to set your bid type.

– Automatic bid is based on Twitter’s algorithm.

– Target cost is based on average cost per bid.

– Maximum visibility is the maximum bid.

It is safer to make your ads run on automatic bid if you don’t understand the system very well.

6. Review and Complete

You need to confirm all the information you registered for your ad, then you can finally launch the campaign.

After successfully launching your ad campaign, you can monitor the progress. Twitter analytics shows you how the tweet is performing. You will be able to check the tweet activity, reach and impressions.

It is quite easy to set up a twitter ad campaign. You need to be a able to tell simple stories in your ads, it could be in form of an image or video – this encourages your audience.

If all these strategies are fully understood and implemented, you are on your way to creating measurable goals and achieving progress for your brand.

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