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What a good design reveals about your business that digital marketing does not

The best marketing plan does not make up for a bad design. here’s why.

One of the few things people notice first when they see a product is the design. This is why popular brands like Cocacola ,Starbucks and Apple have been able to create a golden space for themselves in the global market.
Graphic design is part of what makes a company. You can call it an ingredient for creating a brand. A brand design represents a company.
Your brand should serve as a corporate image which has visual aspects. A lot of elements make up a brand. However, it must portray the aim of the business.
The branding job is not only handled by marketers, graphic designers also have a role to play. Paul Rand, a popular American graphic designer said “Design is the silent ambassador of your brand”.
A graphic designer should understand the value of the company before designing the brand. This makes the project easier. You should provide your designer with details about the business and the target audience. Brand creation involves an in depth market research.
These are the colors, fonts, layouts used to identify a brand – it makes the brand recognizable. Every brand must have a unique identity design.
This is a perfect way of personalizing your brand. Some designers create custom fonts which will be unique to products. Little details like this makes your audience pay attention to your products.

Some of the things which make up an identity design are:
• Logo: This is a single visual symbol used to communicate the brand’s visual identity. A logo is your brand corporate identity. It is like a symbol, mark or signature. Logo doesn’t always describe what a brand does but it helps the audience to identify it.
• Color: A brand’s color choices portrays how people see the brand’s visual identity. For example, if your brand is about nature, green is a perfect color.
Font: Your typographical choice conveys how your brand looks. A font has ideas which are used to state a brand’s identity clearly. Apple products are known for the small letter ‘i’, placed in front of their products name – iPad, iPod, iPhone.
Imagery: Every brand uses imagery in its website, ads, billboards, flyers etc. Imagery conveys useful information. A skincare product can employ an imagery of ladies with bright, clear skin.

A design is meant to send a message to your audience. You can see it as a visual form of communication.
Before a graphic designer can work on your brand, he/she needs to understand the value of your brand and what it really entails. This drives advertising, so a design has to portray your brand well.


  1. Brand Recognition
    A well designed logo sticks to the memory of your target audience by catching their attention. We are able to recognize some popular brands by just looking at their logos e.g. Facebook, YouTube and Google.
  2. Customer Loyalty
    The more you post unique graphic design content, it breeds trust in your audience because they get attracted to your brand. You can make use of designs for marketing campaigns if you want to launch new products, this gives an image to the products.
  3. Sales Boost
    People love beautiful designs. Some customers can purchase your products because of the packaging. Your brand needs to be creative in order to beat the competition in the market.

To create a brand identity, a company needs to strategize properly. A lot of ideas are put together, this is why it is important to make use of a professional brand designer.
With the help of our professional graphic design team at Inclide, we will give your brand a design that is custom-made for your business and no other brand can imitate. Contact us now.

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