Beginner’s Guide To SEO

I understand how Search engines now account for a significant amount of traffic for most Websites, that’s why we put this together to give you better edge.

Here are 9 tips to WordPress SEO for beginners!

1. Do Keyword Research- As with any website no matter what CMS you are using the first step should always be to do your keyword research.

2. Install Yoast- Some people prefer the All in One SEO plugin and they are both very good but we go with Yoast as we think it slightly has the edge.

3. Permalink Structure- It is important to set up an SEO friendly URL structure which, depending on the purpose of your website.

4. WWW vs Non-WWW- You need to make sure your site is not accessible from both www. and non-www. versions of the URL.

5. Optimize Page Titles- The page title is a key on page element and gives the search engines information about the subject of a web page.

6. Optimize Descriptions- Try to write informative and persuasive descriptions that will entice people to click.

7. NoIndex Thin Pages – By default, pages such as blog categories, archives and author pages are indexed.

8. Improve Speed – Page load speed is an important part of modern SEO and there are several ways you can speed up the performance of your WordPress website.

9. Use a Caching Plugin- There are several available but we always use W3 Total cache, you just need to install it and activate and it works out of the box.