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Did you come with us as we kick started the social media ads journey in our previous post? You may have read it here, even seen or heard it via some other media that Facebook and Instagram ads are more of twin sisters, from the same source and run with the same procedures. However, even twins have clearly different fingerprints despite having probably being the products a single embryo splitting in two. Therefore, Instagram ads are not all that the exact prototypes of Facebook ads and they do have their distinguishing features.

Instagram Ads Vs Facebook Ads

Although Instagram ads are created using the same method described for Facebook ads in our previous post. It involves more creativity.

Instagram ads exist in four ad formats.

  • Single image ads
  • Carousel ads (multiple images)
  • video ads
  • Custom stories.

This post will help you identify and understand four unique features that are peculiar to Instagram ads.

  1. Ad Creation

These are the objectives, ad set level and ad placement.

  • Objectives includes brand awareness reach, traffic engagement, video views, messages etc. Choose an objective that works with your marketing strategy.
  • Ad set level includes your targeting options (age, gender, language). You can also make use of custom audience where you set up your audience preference yourself and it is not automated.
  • Ad placement allows you to choose a placement option. This costs more than Facebook ad placements. Make use of appropriate placement to stay within your budget.
  1. Connecting Instagram to Facebook

You connect Instagram ads to Facebook and, not the other way round. You can easily run your Instagram ads from your Facebook page without connecting your Instagram account to the ads manager.

  1. Boosting Instagram Posts

The Instagram ad set up consist of an option designed for your business to boost its posts. The boosting option works for only single post and it is available for all business profiles.

  1. Ad Cost

Instagram ads are more expensive than Facebook ads. You need to monitor your ad spend, CPCs and CPAs. A good relevance score is important to keep CPC cost low. All of these shows that Instagram ads have different placement options and costs. When money is spent on campaigns with strong relevance scores, the ad spend is worth it.

You have to know which platform works well for your brand, Facebook or Instagram? This is key and, although you can create campaigns on both platforms for a start, just to see the outcome, this may not be healthy for your business, especially if you own a start-up. Many organizations want to save as much as possible on digital ads spending and, as a start-up; you should strive towards that even more.

Hence, you need to entrust all your social media ads campaign to an expert, reliable digital agency like  Inclide. We help you avoid the ‘trial and error approach’ by designing and placing your ads on social media platforms that suit your business or product type.

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