Nothing To See Right here. Just a Bunch Of Us Agreeing a three Basic Sling Bag Rules

Patagonia Atom Sling is a great product. It is a versatile product that could come with me from the backroads to the boardroom. The bag is available in several colors, including two that come with an identity-protecting RFID wallet. It fits in perfectly and gives me two options on the road. It’s great for an adventure or your photo equipment, but it also works for everyday trips because it combines sleek aesthetics with functionality that protects, organizes and gives quick access to your gear. Many offer quicker access to your gear and emphasize reliable conveyance. Plus, it’ll keep your gear safe inside its rugged, water-repellent, ripstop fabric. The main opening is wide, making it easy to access your gear. There’s a main compartment for your phone, wallet, keys, and a smaller front zippered compartment for items like lip balm or Airpods. It has usurped other specialist camera slings of mine for three main reasons. I don’t think that either of these are reasons not to buy the Venture personally, but your needs may differ.

The Bellroy Venture Sling managed to hold my full-frame mirrorless and two prime lenses. That’s one less thing to think about while you venture into the outdoors. It’s built with a passport sized RFID-blocking pocket to help prevent digital data theft from your credit cards and even your passport (which I guess is a thing now. The compartment that rests against the body has RFID-blocking capabilities. The super grippy shoulder pad lets the Sling stay put on the body. To wear a sling around your waist, it will need to be smaller, otherwise the bulk simply makes it impractical. One, it is far more comfortable to wear than most rigid camera slings. We both love to see and experience new things, but longer trips are few and far between. But as far as interior capacity goes, this bag meets the mark. There are interior pockets included and an integrated keychain carabiner to keep your valuables close at hand.

There is also paper stuffed inside the sling to help keep its shape until the user packs it full. With that in mind, The Metro Sling from Monos becomes a great option for a day pack. The Metro Sling Bag is available in two versions – Nylon or Vegan Leather. Do you prefer a classic leather black sling bag bag, or do you want something with more personality? When you remove it from the bag, you’ll find the bag is ready to use once you unwrap the zippers from their paper shells. I’ve said it before about Bellroy, and I’m happy to say it holds true with this bag -“I’ve found that Bellroy’s biggest strength is making usable products that simplify your day-to-day.” On the Venture, you don’t have to learn your way around the bag, where to put X and Y. Your hands naturally gravitate towards the right spot. It’s just the right size to keep those small snacks and medicinal needs on hand.

The sling bag comes in a canvas drawstring bag to keep it protected while it is in transit to its new owner. The important word there is ‘days’ as this is the first sling that I’ve used that I feel I could rely on for a day of city exploration or similar, without taking a bag. There was plenty of room for all those items. It has plenty of room for your essential items and it looks great with many different looks. But I think that Bellroy has done a great job here of keeping it simple yet effective. When you think about Carhartt, what comes to mind? I love that it is easily adjustable and think it’s a really nice design. I find this design language has become a hugely important part of my requirements for a bag. The Metro Sling Bag is designed to be worn at the waist or as a crossbody sling. I selected the Saddle Tan, Vegan Leather version of the Metro Sling and I was immediately impressed with the gorgeous style of the bag. The Vegan Leather is very soft.

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