promote your website

Ways to promote your website

Ways to promote your website

After successfully creating a website, you might be confused about the next step forward. You don’t just expect people to come across the website, you have to make them know about it.

A fresh roller-coaster of work begins, which is promoting the website. Most people have fears about this, because they tend to weigh the cost and get drawn back.

There are a lot of plans you can put in place and execute successfully to promote your new website and achieve all your goals.

1. Optimize

Never forget the power of SEO, this is a guaranteed plan. It helps boost organic traffic and it’s totally free unlike search engine marketing.

You should set relevant keywords throughout your website. This makes your website rank on the search engine. Let’s say you have a website for logistics services, if the website is properly optimized – do you know how much traffic this could get you? Adopt backlinks, optimize your page titles, image descriptions, URLs and every keyword in your content.

2. Blog

Produce unique content which can drive traffic to your website. This increases your expertise in your niche. You can also invite fellow bloggers to write a guest article on your blog, they are likely to share and link their guest article which could generate more visitors for your website.

Some amazing benefits you can get from introducing a blog on your website are – your links get to appear on external pages and you get to improve your writing.

3. Join a community

Forums are a great way of getting your website to people. Find forums that are within your niche, so you can relate with fellow like minds.

Quora, Nairaland and Reddit are very popular forums you can start from. Let people know you have something to offer by proving it first. Answer questions and join discussions, your engagement with people on forums can help drive traffic to your website.

4. Online Directories

Everyday people make use of search engines to find what they are looking for. Placing your URL in directories can make more people find it.

A hair stylist for instance, renders services to people, directories allow people to find your business when they search. It usually includes your website, a location map and contact details. Google My Business is a popular online directory.

5. Social Media

Even after producing unique content, you need to share the content with people to increase traffic to your website. There’s more to social media than just posting of pictures/videos and funny memes.

You can build a social media audience and share your content as a form of free promotion for your website. Share your blog posts to Instagram, Twitter and your Facebook page – this turns your audience to website visitors.

There are many other ways to promote your website. All these plans require consistency to pull them off. Which of these plans to you see as a measurable one?

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